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1.2 GNU发行版

Guix提供了一个GNU系统发行版,这个发新版只包含自由软件3。这个发行版可以独立安装(see 系统安装),但是把Guix安装为一个已经安装好的GNU/Linux系统的包管理器也是可行的(see 安装)。当我们需要区分这两者时,我们把独立的发行版称为“Guix系统”。

这个发行版提供了GNU核心软件包,如libc、gcc和Binutils,以及很多GNU和非GNU应用程序。可用的软件包的完整列表可以在on-line浏览,或者通过运行guix package(see 调用guix package)获得:

guix package --list-available




Intel/AMD x86_64 架构,Linux-Libre 内核。


Intel 32 位架构(IA32),Linux-Libre 内核。




little-endian 64-bit ARMv8-A processors, Linux-Libre kernel.


GNU/Hurd on the Intel 32-bit architecture (IA32).

This configuration is experimental and under development. The easiest way for you to give it a try is by setting up an instance of hurd-vm-service-type on your GNU/Linux machine (see hurd-vm-service-type). See 贡献, on how to help!

mips64el-linux (deprecated)

little-endian 64-bit MIPS processors, specifically the Loongson series, n32 ABI, and Linux-Libre kernel. This configuration is no longer fully supported; in particular, there is no ongoing work to ensure that this architecture still works. Should someone decide they wish to revive this architecture then the code is still available.


little-endian 64-bit Power ISA processors, Linux-Libre kernel. This includes POWER9 systems such as the RYF Talos II mainboard. This platform is available as a "technology preview": although it is supported, substitutes are not yet available from the build farm (see substitutes), and some packages may fail to build (see Tracking Bugs and Patches). That said, the Guix community is actively working on improving this support, and now is a great time to try it and get involved!

在Guix系统里,你声明操作系统所有方面的配置,然后Guix以事务型的,可重复的,和无状态的方式解决实例化配置的问题(see 系统配置)。Guix系统使用Linux-Libre内核,Shepherd初始化系统see 介绍 in GNU Shepherd用户手册,知名的GNU工具和工具链,以及你可选的图形界面环境和系统服务。

Guix System is available on all the above platforms except mips64el-linux and powerpc64le-linux.

关于移植到其它架构或内核的信息,see 移植

构建这个发行版需要努力合作,欢迎你加入!关于你可以怎样提供帮助的信息,See 贡献




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